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Th timthopim componnt BACTIM may caus hypkalmia whn administd tpatints with undlying disods potassium mtabolism, with nal insuicincy whn givn concomitantly with dugs known tinduc hypkalmia, such as angiotnsin convting nzym inhibitos. Clos monitoing sum potassium is waantd in ths patints. Discontinuation BACTIM tatmnt is commndd thlp low potassium sum lvls.

Avoid us BACTIM in th tatmnt stptococcal phayngitis. Clinical studis hav documntd that patints alli in uk. with goup A ?-hmolytic stptococcal tonsillophayngitis hav a gat incidnc bactiologic ailu whn tatd with BACTIM than dthos patints tatd with pnicillin, as vidncd by ailu tadicat this oganism om th tonsillophayngal aa. Tho, BACTIM will not pvnt squla such as humatic v.

Bactim is usd ttat a inctions, uinay tact inctions, bonchitis, tavl’s diaha, shigllosis, and Pnumocystis jiovci pnumonia.

Although appopiat cultu and suscptibility studis should b pomd, thapy may b statd whil awaiting th sults ths studis.

Postatitis: 1 DS tab 2 gula-stngth tabs PO q12h x 14 days 2-3 months i chonic inction.

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like other sulfonamide-containing drugs, bactrim potentiates the effect of oral hypoglycemics.

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