Aerial Telecom Cables

Aerial Telecom Cables

Aerial self supported telecom distribution cables are an economical and reliable way to provide connections between telephone exchanges and distribution points, especially in hilly and uneven terrain. PWCL offers a complete range of Aerial Cables conforming to various national and international specifications such as G/CAFa�? 01/01 November 1992, 52a�?23/85a�?TRC, BS: 3573/90, IEC: 708a�?1, IEC: 708a�?4, CW 1252A.

Star Quads or Pairs.

Solid annealed bare copper wire of 0.4, 0.5, 0.63 or 0.9mm. Other sizes as per requirement.

Solid polyethylene, fully colour coded.

Cable Assembly
Assembled in units of 10 to 50 pairs or in super units of 20 to 25 pairs for 100 pair cables and above. Units are
identified by colour coding of unita�?binder.

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One or more plastic tapes.

Moisture Barrier & Screen
Double sided plastic coated aluminium tape with smooth, nominal thickness of 0.20mm.

If required, solid tinned copper 0.5 mm.

If required, 2 steel wires of 0.5mm or 0.8mm thickness helically laid with a maximum gap of 35%.

Sheath & Jacket
Black LDPE